Sunday, 30 September 2012

Craft Loving: Crayon Art

How awesome is crayon art! Its so simple but looks amazing! There's a heap of tutorials around but its pretty simple to figure it out.

I've been wanting to try this for months now and finally remembered to buy some crayons at the shops today. Crayons have certainly increased since I last needed them. I paid $10 for 12 pack of crayola! Insane price!! But oh well crafting is not cheap!!

So I gathered my supplies. 

Hair dryer

I did a trial run which turned out amazing and i figured out i needed the newspaper or plastic. The crayons splatter uncontrollably once they get going!! 

So i set up my canvas so it was at an angle and tapped my crayons at the top. I didn't want the crayons to be stuck on the canvas like some other ones I've seen.

Then set my hair dryer up on high and started to melt the crayons. Its very messy!! And once they start melting it gets crazy quick! I found the orange and purple went really fast and the green took it sweet time. Maybe that's cause it was in the middle?

The crayons dry pretty much instantly and gives a cool textured feel. I carefully removed the remains of the crayons from the top (which went hard again) and admired my new art. 

I love it! How about you?

Purple and greens

Rainbow Explosion! 

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